Buyer Basic FAQ's

As a seller, all your sales payment minus shipping fees, vouchers, Pasar Bodega coins and other relevant marketing or payment fees will be released to your Seller Wallet once the order is completed.

It is unfortunate that some of the orders may experience a delay in response from a few minutes to several hours especially during peak campaign day or during server processing downtime. Such delay happens usually due to the sudden increase in traffic causing a server overload and longer processing / payment synchronising time. This may cause some buyers may be anxious about their orders and may ask you questions regarding their payment status.

We understood that sellers yourself will also feel helpless being asked such questions, what sellers could do at that moment is to:

  1. Request a screenshot of the customer’s “To Pay” page or their Order ID.
  2. Request a screenshot of the payment receipt from the buyer. A sample of the payment proof can be found in article “I have already made my payment through “Online banking”, why is my order status still “To pay”?”
  3. Once seller had received these information, seller can inform Pasar Bodega Customer Service on behalf of the buyer or alternatively inform buyers to check with Pasar Bodega Customer Service directly to check on the processes directly.

You can assure to customer that their payments are handled by Pasar Bodega, and that any excessive payment made due to multiple successful attempts of payment will be refunded in the following days

Payment made by the buyer will be transferred to your Seller Wallet once the order is completed.

Order can be completed by the buyer when they confirm that he/she has received the product through clicking on “Order Received” or once Pasar Bodega Guarantee period ends. The payment will then be released to your Seller Wallet and will be released to your bank account through automated/manual withdrawal.

Payment will not be collected if:

  1. There has been a cancellation of an order by the buyer or seller
  2. There has been a return of goods or refund on the order

Service Fee is a fee levied on the products for all sellers.

Sellers will be able to check the service fee charged from your tax invoice accessible via seller center.

Service fee is calculated as X% of the product listing price.

Pasar Bodega will deduct service fee directly from seller’s payout when an order is completed.