Payment Options

Pasar Bodega aims to provide all users a safe and secure platform to buy and sell online. With that, we have collaborated with various payment service providers to process such payment in a fast, convenient and secure manner. Below are 5 different payment method buyers can use to pay for their orders.


Card Payment

Card payments are processed through third­ party service providers. A general rule of thumb is that Pasar Bodega only supports locally issued Visa / Mastercard. We are not supporting other cards for now.


ATM / Cash Deposit

Buyers can perform Cash Deposit to one of our designated Pasar Bodega Guarantee bank accounts. All ATM transfer / bank transfer will need 3 working days for verification process to complete.


Online Banking

Buyers may use this payment method for a more comprehensive and secure transfer from other Affiliate Banks. Orders can be paid and get updated within minutes for fast and secure payment service.


Cash on Delivery

You may pay for your purchase at time of delivery. Payment in full is required.



At this time we do not accept e-payments. But we are under process