Let's Talk Pricing The cost to sell in Pasar Bodega stores depends on the categories of products. Which category of products you sell. The commissions are flexible, so you can list your products and start selling now.

 Low Commissions and Speedy Payments


When you set up a seller account, you’ll provide bank account information. Every 2 weeks you will request payment to withdraw funds from Pasar Bodega. We will send your payment to your bank account as soon as we receive your payment request.



Do you plan to sell lots of units?

There are no limits to the number of units or items you may sell in Pasar Bodega. Pasar Bodega only charges a small commission when the item is sold and doesn’t charge a monthly membership fee.



What products will you sell?

Pasar Bodega charges a small commission for each item sold. The commissions are based on product categories and between 12% and 20% (check chart below).



How will you ship orders?

You will ship your order directly to the customers and will use the approved shipping services provided by Pasar Bodega. Please see shipping information. Customer will be charged amount of shipping as per guidelines with the approved shipping services. Please follow the shipping guidelines to ensure a smooth delivery to your customer. Any questions please contact Pasar Bodega at CS@pasarbodega.com


Category of Selling commission Fees